Orientation programme-2018 day 3

7/28/2018 3:32:59 AM

What a wonderful gathering! On the third day of Orientation Program 2018 at ISM Patna, parents of the newly joined students and faculty members of ISM Patna were seen on one single platform to interact and identify the future growth prospects of their wards that have enrolled into BBA/BCA/PGDM course. Talking to the Parents, Mr. Deval Singh (Vice-chairman of the institute) said that the role of Parents is certainly the most challenging. In this era of change, millennial do expect to shoulder all the responsibilities without being accountable. Colleges and universities cannot ignore this phenomenon or expect it to go away. Instead they must address this situation by determining positive ways parents can be involved in their children’s educational experiences. Even though generational differences have received the most attention, there are a multitude of other reasons for this change. It is important that college and university personnel examine these areas and determine ways in which we can structure our campuses so they are the most beneficial to our students.