Digital Learning - An emerging frontier

7/3/2018 10:50:05 PM

ISM Patna on 6 April 2017 conducted one day workshop on the topic, ‘Digital Learning, an emerging frontier’. The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Abhishek Ranjan, founder of Digitalize Vidyatech. In his opening statement, Abhishek stated the significance of Digital learning and how the technology has proven its value along some dimensions. He said that we are on the frontier and still more possibilities are beyond our imagination. Rapid assessment, simulations, visualizations, games, annotation technology, and videos with multiple services, provide a richer learning environment toward a fuller understanding of concepts along with utility to the user of the product. Digitalization brings active engagement, hands-on experiences, discussions and flipped classrooms allow students to experience learning that applies best practices and directly employs current theories of learning. There was a simulation activity conducted at the end of the workshop to have strong impression of the learning via workshop on the participants.