The institute understands the role of infrastructure in providing a quality academic environment and supporting ecosystem that develops with it. The college has:

OUR Modern Infrastructure

Modern Wifi Campus

A nicely landscaped 3 acres of green campus with state-of-the- art facilities. With 24x7internet through wi-fi.

Air-conditioned Classrooms

Auditorium styled classrooms with modern audiovisual equipments.


A rich library having more than 2,000 relevant books with an access to more than 30 national and international journals & e-journals.

Computer & Language Lab

An advanced computer lab supporting Language Lab facilities and high end analytic softwares like SPSS, Clementine etc.


An acoustic auditorium with seating capacity of more than 200 audience to organise seminars and cultural activities in the Institute.


The Institute provides separate hostel for boys and girls within campus with special care of proper nutrition and hygiene.