Market Outlook with Equity and Debt and Its Impact on Investment on 31 August 2018

8/31/2018 4:01:19 AM

International School of Management, Patna invited Mr. Ravi Ranjan, Channel Head – Retail, SBI Funds Management Private Limited for a Guest Lecture on the topic, Market Outlook with Equity and Debt and Its Impact on Investment on 31 August 2018.

Mr. Ranjan explained the students of PGDM of the first and final year, the basic difference between debt and equity. Debt involves borrowing money which is to be repaid along with certain rate of interest, while equity involves raising money by selling interests in the company. Talking about the Indian investors, their pattern of investment which is widely into Oil and Gold, essentially as an investor in India, usually all investment avenues professed risky by the investors. The main features of investments are security of principal amount, liquidity, income stability, approval and easy transferability. Investment avenues are available such as shares, bank, companies, gold and silver, real estate, life insurance, postal savings and so on. The required level of returns and the risk tolerance is decided by the choice of the investor. The investment may be differ in choice from national savings certificates, provident fund, mutual fund schemes, insurance schemes, chit funds, bank fixed deposits, and company fixed deposits, company shares, bonds /debentures, government securities, postal savings schemes and real estate. Students were also told about zero coupon, rates applicable and its importance in long run.

As the student of management, Mr. Ranjan emphasized and urged students to spread financial awareness, to understand the impact of inflation on the market, how to evaluate funds, etc. Numbers of questions were asked which were very well answered by the speaker.