Our Departments


Every work demands for unique strategies, innovative idea to enhance sales, create market for the new or existing product, right pitch to promote the product and so on. ISM Patna offers specialized domain knowledge in Consumer Behaviour, Service Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communication, Sales and Distribution and New Product Development.


In-depth knowledge of financial terms, its application, new laws related to taxation, policies framed by the government and its effect plus impact on the income of an individual as well as the organization, and many such topics should be on the tip of the tongue of the students of finance. The subjects such as Management of Banking and Financial Services, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, Derivatives and Risk Management, International Finance, etc. widens the knowledge and analytical skills of the students.

Human Resource

To establish ‘Happy Organization’, a congenial workplace for the employees, better training and development programs are few of the common roles of the HR professional. Here at ISM Patna, students are prepared for generalist profile as well as for consultancy role. Manpower Planning, Training and Development, Performance Appraisal, Recruitment and Selection, Compensation Management – these technical papers do enhance the understanding of the students who will cater the role of HR in different organizations.

(IS / IT)

The convergence of computing and Telecommunication technologies and digitalization has revolutionized the way of Management. Its impact is witnessed in business practices in the last decade. The wide use of this technology will make it pervasive in the near future. So, in this specialization students will learn the theoretical background of Business Intelligence Data mining, Business & Data communication networks, Cyber Law, Business modelling through System Dynamics, etc. and issues related to the next generation network.